Thursday, June 24, 2010

HEALTH: Quasar Workouts

My new favorite method of exercise is Quasar Training. It is a method my friend and I made up recently in the gym to help "spice up" our gym routine. I can't say that the idea is novel--I think most everything has been thought of already--but it is new for us. We called it Quasar because it sounds awesome and motivating, but it really is QSSR training.

Quick Start, Slow Release (QSSR), aka Quasar, is a technique that follows exactly what the name implies. Start the exercise with a Quick Start effort, working the Fast Twitch muscles for speed increases. At the peak of the movement, right before you begin the return movement, you change over from "Quick" to "Slow". The Slow Release is returning in a very slow motion, about 2 "Mississippi Counts" worth.

In one exercise, you are increasing your explosive speed, and gaining strength. The muscle strength you gain is also being exercised differently. Since the return is often a quick release of muscle tension, most workouts rarely exercise the muscles in this fashion. Slow Release will allow quicker gains and a more complete muscular workout as you employ stabilizer muscles as well.

A great way to experience Quasar Training immediately is to a set of Quasar Push-Ups right now. Lay on the floor in Push-Up position, but with your chest on the floor. Launch yourself up as fast you can (Quick Start) and then lower yourself back down very slowly (Slow Release). Repeat for a complete set. Do not let your chest touch the ground between repetitions. Each time you are pushing up as fast as you can to build explosive speed, then you are returning down, fighting gravity very slowly.

This has been talked about on EzineArticles as well:

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