Saturday, April 24, 2010

CVS: Fixing a misnamed tag

If importing code and the wrong tag was used, before anyone gets messed up, do the following:

Create a new tag pointing to the old tag:
$ cvs rtag -r <Existing_WRONG_Tag> <New_Tag> <module>

Delete the old tag:
$ cvs rtag -d <Existing_WRONG_Tag> <module>

This is how you would rename any tag, not just one made on import of new code, but the cautionary note is that messing around with existing tags can be very dangerous. If the tag is already used in a release, then you have broken your traceability. If the tag is something developers have checked out already, there is now a breakdown in consistency of everyone's configuration. Use this with caution. Luckily, tags do not do any permanent damage to the code repository, but for traceability, try not to change them at will.

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