Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CVS: Update a Tagged set of files to Head

If you create a minimal set and tag it from a larger set of code in a module, you may want to preserve this set of code, but get later versions. This is useful for delivery when we create a minimal set to determine ONLY the files appropriate for sending to the customer, then using that same list for each subsequent delivery rather than going through the effort again.

First check out the old tag:

cvs co -r <tag_name> <module_name>

Then tell CVS to go inside that folder/module that you checked out and update files to HEAD...but ONLY those files, not the entire repository.

find -type f ! -path '*CVS*' | sort | xargs -n1 cvs update -A
Now if you want to retag just these files, use the instructions for "Tagging Individual Files" in an earlier post.

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