Thursday, August 19, 2010

CMS: Concrete5 CEO, Franz Maruna, Stops By For A Visit

In our last post, CMS: Joomla vs Concrete5 -- First Look, we reviewed an up-and-coming Web CMS called Concrete5 and compared it to the well established giant, Joomla.

We were very honored to have the CEO and Founder of Concrete5 stop by to read the review and join in on the discussion going on in the comments section. We also had the pleasure of the President and CEO of Trivera starting off the discussion and sharing his own experiences with Concrete5.

It's great to see that we not only have industry professionals giving us their opinions, but we even get those who are closest to the tool chiming in as well. Let's try to keep up this open communication as we do some more in depth reviews in coming posts!

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