Sunday, May 2, 2010

CVS: Changing username in CVS/Root files

It is possible to share a CVS checkout that has been compiled (to avoid having everyone need to recompile it) by just changing the username in the Root files. This only really applies if your code resides on a remote server and you are using :pserver: or some other protocol that hard-codes your username into the $CVSROOT.
find -path '*CVS*' -name Root | xargs perl -p -e "s/pserver\:<user1>/pserver\:<user2>/g"

This changes <user1> to <user2>. For debugging purposes, the test executables have the source file locations hardcoded. So even if the directory is copied and the above change is made, debugging will still point to the original file locations (if it exists). This also happens if using shared objects or dynamically linked libraries rather than static libraries. This is frustrating but does not defeat the usefulness of this concept.

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