Saturday, May 1, 2010

GHS: Flashing networking settings to kernel on board

After the GHS Integrity Kernel boots for the first time, the IP address and Netmask need to be set again and saved there to non-volatile memory. These commands should be run after the Kernel banner is displayed and commands can once again be typed into Hyperterminal. A quick test would be to first type "help" to see if the Kernel help menu is displayed (this is different than the PIBS help menu). There is no prompt so just type the following into the empty area below the Kernel banner:
nc I
nc s
nc N
nc s
nc H Board3
nc s

The "nc I" sets the IP for the board (customize it appropriately), the "nc N" sets the Netmask, the "nc H" sets the Hostname of the board that is displayed when the banner comes up, and the "nc s" after each command saves the info to non-volatile memory. You could just type the "nc s" once at the end instead of between each command--depends on your level of paranoia.

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