Thursday, May 6, 2010

WEB: Google Webmaster Tools, Sitemaps, and Blogger/Blogspot

Today I looked at my Google Webmaster Tools and once again puzzled as to why the sitemap kept showing an error. My site was not indexing properly and this was really bugging me. I submitted atom.xml as a sitemap and it failed. I submitted rss.xml as a sitemap, and still it failed. The failure is not as bizarre as the fact that I host 2 different blogs on and the old one works fine using atom.xml as a sitemap, but the new one (this one) refuses.

Finally, after some web searching, I stumbled upon an answer. Using "feeds/posts/full" as the address for the sitemap seemed to work.

So, if you are trying to get the sitemap to work in Webmaster Tools, follow these steps:
1)    Log into your Google Webmaster Tools account (
2)    Click on your site--we are assuming you already created your account and verified the site
3)    Click on Sitemaps under Site Configuration
4)    Click on Submit a Sitemap
5)    At the time of this post, doing the above shows a box that has the base web address filled in and an empty text field to add the location of the sitemap. In this empty text field, add feeds/posts/full and click Submit Sitemap.

That's it! It should show up shortly. Check to make sure there are no crawl errors and you are done.

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