Sunday, May 2, 2010

WINDOWS: Permission Denied to Network Drive/Share

A strange case manifested itself where a user could not log onto a Linux Samba share drive. He could log on from another machine, so there was no problem with the share, but while attempting access through his Remote Desktop session on the server, he was given a message about being locked out or permission denied to the shortcut or network resource. An odd solution did the trick; searching for the computer, creating a link on the desktop for it, then opening the link works fine to connect to the share. After that happens, it will work from the original link.

Using Search/files and folders/computers, search for the network/computer name
The computer should be found. Clicking on it from here will still not work.
Make a shortcut of the found link on the desktop.
Then clicking this desktop shortcut, you will be taken to the computer/server you were looking for.
The strange part is, now, after clicking on the shortcut, both the original link and using \\<server name> from the address bar will work.

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